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Watergrasshill, Co. Cork

Shift Manager Position


Job Description:  

  • The Shift Manager (SM) is responsible for the delivery of the production plan ensuring that all production line team members are working safely, efficiently and that product quality is always maintained. The SM is responsible for the writing of SOP’s and the subsequent training of the SOP’s. They are responsible to ensure that only suitably trained staff complete any work task.


  • The SM will manage a skills gap/training matrix to ensure that all identified tasks are suitably trained against.


  • The SM is responsible for writing and updating risk assessments and that all team members are familiar with the risk assessment.


  • The SM will ensure that all actions agreed to eliminate or mitigate any risk is always strictly managed and adhered to, managing safety and taking accountability for the safety of their respective team members.


  • The SM will ensure that company standards are always adhered to following the S (Safety) Q (Quality) P (People) D (Delivery) C (Cost) model by monitoring and controlling company standards through effective KPI management. The SM will manage personnel performance effectively through the setting and delivering of objectives.
  • The SM will be fully conversant of the employee review process, following the formal disciplinary process where required. Using data analysis and lean tools and methodologies, the SM will strive for a culture of Continuous Improvement actively looking to reduce or eliminate all types of waste from the business and reducing cost to our customer.
  • The SM holds accountability for ensuring that the department is always audit ready , managing GMP and product quality. Able to effectively manage any non-conforming product to ensure that the site does not despatch anything that could lead to a product recall.
  • The SM will produce a detailed daily and weekly report providing performance v standard to the BU Manager.  


Expected attributes:

  • To be able to challenge the status quo and offer a different view point.
  • Ability to set and delivers stretch targets.
  • Able to turn creative ideas into effective solutions.
  • Maximise individual and collective wins.
  • Be accountable and challenge others to take accountability.
  • Adhere to business core values.
  • Ability to manage business costs and identify solutions.
  • Proven people manager with the ability to develop the team.
  • Able to deliver CI projects through their respective teams.


Responsibilities / KPI’s:

  • Daily operations of production within the Retail Packing Hall.
  • With respect to Production metrics ensure support is given to the BU Manager as follows;
    • Safety: Ensure that all Safe Systems of Work are always being adhered to . Actively identify any workplace hazards and seek ideas for improvement from the team. Ensure that Risk Assessments are up to date and being followed. Ensure that all equipment is safe to operate and only being operated by fully trained staff members.
    • Quality: Liaise with the line teams to ensure that quality specifications are always adhered to. Deviations from quality should be actioned in order to minimise the risk of customer complaints. Understand reasons for customer complaints and offer solutions that will reduce complaints. Ensure any issues regarding CCP’s are dealt with immediately, involving the Quality Team taking appropriate action to ensure product compliance always. Ensure NCR’s are closed out in a timely manner by completing a full investigation with corrective and preventative actions, involving the line teams to prevent reoccurrence.
    • People: Support the team in the implementation and improvement of procedures and processes to ensure required standards of work are met. Assist the team in progressing the team’s development needs through cross training and continuous assessment of training needs. Ensure effective lines of communications are in place within the team. Positive motivation of reporting staff delivering a harmonious workplace providing all employees with an opportunity to be heard.
    • Delivery: Manage the SIC process accurately and provide on the job coaching to ensure efficiency targets are achieved and exceeded. Record and escalate any issues affecting line/ team performance to the Business Unit Manager and carry out actions that have been agreed in order to correct any losses. Ensure that the production plan is achieved by way of controlling the throughput of the line v the production plan ensuring that Service Level is achieved daily. Review OEE for each line and drive improvement through data analysis.
    • Cost: Ensure Yield targets are achieved by batch mass balance; Using Emydex reports and live data ensure that product giveaways are in line with cost targets. Review any issues affecting giveaways escalating to the unit manager with solutions in a timely manner. Support the investigation/actioning of any non-conforming processes/ products in order to reduce waste and ensure that Batch Yield is on target. Ensure line leaders are carrying out mass balance checks. Utilise the 8 Lean Wastes methodology and identify opportunities to reduce or eliminate. Monitor Labour Costs and ensure they fall within the agreed targets, acting when required to enable this.


Continuous Improvement:

  • Ensure the culture of continuous improvement is maintained and developed in the production area through the delivery of project improvement plans.
  • Have an active role in the writing of line-based SOP’s providing accurate information to ensure procedures are accurate.
  • Ensuring that staff have the ability and tools to effectively manage the daily operation, giving the team accountability for their areas.
  • Generate ideas for improved performance from your direct reports and action-based improvement plans.



Health & Safety:

  • Be familiar with the company’s Health and Safety Programme and carry it out effectively
  • Ensure that there is always adequate supervision available, that all safety rules are observed, that all safety devices are fitted and effective, and that protective clothing/equipment is worn or used correctly.
  • Ensure that all personnel are competent to carry out their work, are fully aware of all hazards, are fully instructed in emergency procedures and are adhering to all site rules.
  • Investigate accidents promptly to discover their cause and eliminate their recurrence.
  • Carry out and assist with inspections/risk assessments to ensure that all machinery and equipment is properly maintained and safe for use and that there is good housekeeping in the department
  • Consider any representation about Health and Safety from employees and liaise with the Site Management team.


Day Shift: 06:00 – 16:00

Night Shift: 16:00 – 02:00

Monday - Thursday and Saturday