Vacancy details

Ballymahon, Co. Longford

Title: Assistant Technical Manager

Role Purpose: To assist the Technical Manager in the management of the day-to-day technical processes to ensure products are produced to the required standard, customer and legal requirements are met and to assist in the management of the technical department and associated staff where required. 

Report to: Technical Manager / Site Manager


Duties include: 

  • Understanding of the regulatory, BRC, TFMS,MPQAS and other customer standards, how these standards are implemented on site and participate in the monitoring and implementation of these standards.
  • Understanding of the Food Safety Management System, how it is implemented and participate in monitoring the effectiveness of the system.
  • Achieve an understanding of customer product specifications and ensuring these are complied with.

    To manage customer specifications via the Kepak Spec management system.

    To participate in the NLAF system for generation of new specifications – liaising with sales, commercial and production teams.
  • To participate in the investigation, analyse and response to customer complaints as and when they arise, liaising with sales, commercial and production teams as required ensuring effective CAPA
  • To participate in the effective RCA and CAPA for non-conformances identified internally or externally.
  • To understand and participate in the KMD Audit Management Process for customer, regulatory and accreditation audits.

    Participate in ensuring site is always audit ready.
  • As a member of the site team contribute to continuous improvement projects.
  • Liaising with DAFM staff as required, ensuring any issues identified are resolved promptly and communicated to site. Participate in weekly DAFM meeting.
  • Understand and assist in the management of the site’s traceability program, ensuring that customer traceability requests are responded to adequately and within appropriate timeframe.
  • Understand, trend and report on customer KPIs and identify and participate in corrective action programmes to maintain customer KPIs as required levels.

  • Assist in the management and instruction of the Technical and QC team as appropriate.

  • To work efficiently and independently as required to achieve objectives. Ensuring queries and problems are addressed thoroughly and with necessary urgency.

  • Achievement of all customer and regulatory audits including Grade

    A in BRC, minimum Green in TFMS / PIU and Integra.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

Key account KPI scores

Compliance to GMP / 5S standards

Other Site specific KPIs as agreed with Site Mgr and Technical manager

Learning Milestones:

  • Floor standards – knowledge of requirements and ability to monitor compliance and communicate issues.
  • Customer / Regulatory and 3rd party standards – knowledge of the standards and ability to generate a Gap Analysis of Standard vs System.
  • Customer audits / visits – ability to participate in audits under supervision of TM
  • Customer product specification – knowledge of basic primal cuts and understands how to interpret a specification. Knowledge of how to identify a specification issue. Knowledge on how to use the Kepak portal and Emydex plu file systems.
  • Traceability – understand traceability system from farm to finished product and ability to complete traceability exercise for key accounts/MPQAS vis Emydex system.
  • HACCP – understand the HACCP plan and ability to discuss and support rationale.